Contemporary designer jewellery

  • HeritageFrom elegant classics to bold statement, heritage jewellery pieces are crafted to be passed down through the generations.
  • SymbolicNo ordinary pieces of jewellery, symbolising various aspects of life and designed to completely revamp your lifestyle.
  • VintageThis collection of contemporary jewellery with an Art Deco flavour includes a wonderful variety of unique designs and styles.
  • FloralColourful and affordable hand made jewellery pieces, with an Art Nouveau twist and natural colours to stay vivid for a lifetime.
  • Heritage
  • Pink sapphire white gold stud earrings
  • White danburite gold ring.
  • Rubellite and white diamond gold ring.
  • Floral
  • Sapphire, ruby and silver ring.
  • Aquamarine,white diamond and white gold earrings
  • Yellow and pink sapphire white gold flower pendant
  • Yellow and blue sapphire white gold heart pendant
  • Pink sapphire white gold heart pendant
  • White sapphire white gold star pendant
  • Symbolic
  • Amethyst,sapphire and silver earrings
  • White diamond platinum earrings
  • Dinosaur bone and sphene silver earrings.
  • Vintage
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