Luxury gemstone jewellery

  • AlexandriteEmerald by day and a ruby by night, fine natural alexandrite is so rare a gemstone, that it will be a conversation starter anywhere.
  • EmeraldA fine emerald piece of jewellery is a truly breathtaking sight and is well deserved for 20th or 35th wedding anniversary.
  • SapphireKnown as the gem of the soul and available in almost every colour in the rainbow, sapphire is just perfect for an engagement ring.
  • RubySurrounded by lore and romance, ruby is known as the king of gemstones and it symbolises lasting love, marriage and royalty.
  • Emerald
  • Green emerald and white diamond platinum ring
  • Emerald,white diamond and white gold pendant
  • Green emerald and white diamond gold ring
  • Alexandrite
  • Alexandrite ,white diamond and white gold ring.
  • Alexandrite and white diamond gold ring.
  • Alexandrite, tsavorite, sapphire and white gold ring.
  • Yellow sapphire and ruby white gold designer ring
  • Ruby white gold designer ring
  • Ruby white gold stud earrings
  • Ruby
  • Pink sapphire white gold designer pendant
  • Yellow sapphire white gold star pendant
  • Blue sapphire white gold designer ring
  • Sapphire
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