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  • Phenakite and silver ring. Impression Phenakite and silver ring.
    р.23500.29 Made to order
  • Chrysoprase and yellow gold ring. Lotus Chrysoprase and yellow gold ring.
    р.120536.53 Made to order
  • Anber and silver pendant Amber Pendant Anber and silver pendant
    р.13441.12 Made to order
  • Aquamarine and yellow gold pendant Harlequin Aquamarine and yellow gold pendant
    р.32779.00 In stock
  • Silver bracelet Hathor Silver bracelet
    р.26708.81 In stock
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  • Statement Rings
  • Quartz, tsavorite and silver ring.
  • Quatz,pink sapphire and silver ring.
  • Opal,sapphire and silver ring.
  • Unique Pearl Gifts
  • Ivory white pearl cluster pendant and choker necklace
  • Fresh water pearl, Alexandrite and white gold necklace
  • Fresh water pearl necklace
  • White pearl and white diamond gold matinee necklace
  • Multicolor pearl necklace
  • Fresh water pearl, diamond and yellow gold necklace
  • Designer Pearl Jewellery
  • Alexandrite, Aqua, Ruby, Sapphire, Sphene, Diamond, white gold ring.
  • Amethyst,ruby and white diamond gold ring
  • Tsavorite and silver ring.
  • Intriguing One-Of-a-Kind Jewels
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