Designer single strand rope necklace with white pearls and gemstones

Amazon Liana

Designer single strand rope necklace with white pearls and gemstones

A rich and colourful combination of oval white pearls, sprinkled with a ray of coloured gemstones, such as peridot, amethyst, quartz and agate. The necklace is laced with Amazonian delight, which can be worn as a double strand princess necklace or a bracelet. The pearls come from freshwater lakes in China and are commonly off-round, rice shaped to baroque. The slightly less symmetrical and smaller pearls, offers good value for the price and makes a perfect gift.

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  • Y50-00657
Necklace size
  • 46" Rope
  • Available in one size only
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Product features

  • White pearls and gemstones rope necklace. Length is 116cm.
  • Red round shaped agates. 16pcs.
  • Oval white cultured pearls. 80pcs.
  • Brown round shaped agates. 64pcs.
  • Purple oval shaped amethysts. 8pcs.
  • Green oval shaped peridots. 8pcs.
  • White oval shaped queartz. 8pcs.
  • Brown round shaped agates. 16pcs.
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